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As the others have said, KLIP Legend (the $25.95 stuff) generally is 'stiffer' (or 'crisper') than Pacific Classic. While I've just begun my playtest, I have found KLIP Legend Tour (the $29.92 stuff) to be much nicer than regular KLIP Legend, after a brief break-in period (maybe 5-10 minutes of hitting).

It costs the same as Pacific Classic, strings slightly easier, and is black (which some people like). I cannot speak to its durability right now as I've only hit w/ it a couple of times, but there's nothing that leads me to believe it is any worse than the others.

However, stay away from KLIP Armour Pro. You might as well go full poly IMO.

As I said earlier, I hope to string up BB Hero next week, as well as regular KLIP Legend and also writeup Pacific Classic.

And if you're using it in the mains, stay away from the bargain-based gut (e.g. Titan, Global, etc.). You get what you pay for, and while some may have good experience, most have it snap prematurely, either while stringing or just sitting in the bag.
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