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Originally Posted by BeHappy View Post
Tomic has no speed. Dmitrov has no power. Dolgopolov has no consistency. Raonic is just a serve and the courts are too slow everywhere for that to be enough. Harrison is fat. Nishikori is short and injury prone.

None of them will make it to top 5 in the rankings, in 5 years time when Djoker/Murray and Nadal start breaking down, that worthless generation won't be ones to take their place and win slams. They will be superseded by a new generation of young players we haven't even heard of yet.

Maybe if Harrison loses weight he could make it, but that's it. He's the only one with a fixable weakness.
harrison is mentally weak compared to tomic, raonic, and even dimirtov. his lone set off murray was very promising but he hasnt improved yet, unlike dimitrov after taking a set from nadal and tomic when he took a set off federer. so, if the up and comers are indeed a lost generation, harrison is not only included in that discussion but should be considered one of the weaker ones.

unless a teenager comes through with a very polarized game with top level conditioning, no other future young gun is going to win a slam while the big 4 are healthy, and it isn't likely anyone younger than this generation are going to win slams before they do. conditions today don't allow for as many upsets to happen, you have to be really fit and really consistent to win, and that is bad news for guys just starting out on tour.
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