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Originally Posted by dave t View Post
I'd like to try this tension range - hoping to get some advice.

Racquet: Fischer pro #1. Various versions but all 16x20/320g unstrung.
Currently using gut/poly at 52/48 or somewhere close (cp).
I have used full poly in the past around 45-48 - never higher or lower than that.

I don't have tennis-related elbow/shoulder issues but I like my setup comfy and don't want to cause any damage at this point.

I was thinking of starting at around 36 lbs. sound ok?
Originally was going to do 42 or something but earlier posts suggested diving right in. I would go lower but I don't want the initial tension drop to leave me too low. Also, do you guys like shaped or smooth polys for the low tension setups?

Thanks - looking forward to giving this a shot.
36 is good start. Don't be afraid to try starting at 32-30 or so
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