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more updates...

I have eliminated the BLX 6.1 Team and am now down to the 200G and the Pro 1. I had another great outing tonite with the 200G. Just had it strung with Beast/nvy at 50/54 and its playing great with this combo. Power is certainly there when you need it. The swingweight feels great to me. Just heavy enough to provide good weight behind the ball, but not too heavy to feel sluggish. I had a league singles match tonite and served great with it. Won 6-2, 6-0. The guy I played even accused me of "sandbagging" 1st time that's happened
Anyway, I am really clicking with the 200G and it's definitely going to be either that or the Pro One? I am playing some of my best tennis in a while with the 200G and am very happy with the way things are working out with it.
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