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Originally Posted by tlm View Post
I can play tennis with no problems, but if you have full strokes even with a lot of spin these rackets are a little to powerful. Unless you really don't know how to hit the ball hard and you need the extra power. To me it had good power and was pretty good on approach shots, you just have to let it go and rip it and with enough spin the ball goes down pretty well. But on average rallys or on the slice backhand it was easy to float the ball long.
Looks like you have come around a little on the 99S in the other thread. A nice thick poly, full bed, in this thing works wonders. These sticks, set up how they are supposed to be, are nice weapons in the right hands.

I am getting more and more accustomed to my 99S. The last singles match I played my opponent said he kept thinking balls were going to fly out but they kept dipping in at the last moment.

racertempo- enjoy the 105S. Keep us posted on your findings.
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