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Originally Posted by WARPWOODIE View Post
Thanks Kalin! Any information is helpful. Anyway, I was checking around and found "80's tennis racquets"...basically, the racquet is very similar to the Fisher SuperForms and Kneissel Red Star. It appears that they have shared holes for stringing. It is in mint condition and was never strung. When I asked the lady at the Goodwill if she could give me discount because it lacked strings, she agreed and sold it to me for $3.00 It would be interesting to know the relative value of it now...being that this is an 80's racquet, the latter part of the cold war era.
The typical price for it here in Moscow is about $10-17.
The racquets were produced in 1989-92 as i remember.
During the production time the quality decreased, so the best were made in 1989-90.
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