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Originally Posted by crash1929 View Post
Thanks. Willing to dish out money to join. Need to start playing again and would like a place to meet new ambitious people here in nyc. I've seen some clubs here are WASP only. Coming from CA I find this disgusting.

Also any other clubs that are cool places to work out / hang out even if there is no tennis would be appreciated. My old club had an outdoor hotub with palm trees and up close views if the city skyline.
I lived and played in NYC for over 20 yrs and never heard of WASP only clubs in the city.......I would think you need to go to CT to find those

If you are in Manahttan you have a good number of places to play....Roosevelt Island Tennis Club has memberships, Sutton East has 8 red clay courts in a bubble on the east side, Yorkville and Vanderbilt are hard, Midtown Tennis has 6 indoor hartru. Most are pay as you go - you purchase court time by the hour (very steep from $85 to $150 the hr) or you buy a season pass that gets you time.....regulars usually take all the good slots early in the season. But all have regular drills and clinics, cardio, mixers, tourneys....etc.
Sutton East, Yorkville and Vanderbilt are all affiliated with each other as well and have same set up and programs.

You also have the clubs at NYU and Columbia that offer memberships as well.
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