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Originally Posted by kumar157 View Post
Hello Parents, Coaches and Experienced players,
My 15 year old son(sophomore) is a smart student but only a three star athlete with national ranking hovering around 330. He loves tennis and looking forward to play for a lower div 1 school.
Currently I am forcing him to focus more on academics and that leaves him with only 7 hours of play and 2 hours of fitness per week.
With all AP courses he makes A and B's. If I let him play for more hours his grades may drop but his national ranking may go up.
He loves the game and competition and he will be more than happy if I add more hours to his tennis. But I don't want his grades to drop. It's like I want to eat the cake and have it too!.
I am pretty sure there will be a ton of parents who went through this phase and this topic may have been discussed before. But as a concerned parent I would like to hear the experiences of parents who have navigated this phase of life and did well. Please share your experiences and advice.

Thanks in advance.
Well, as the parent you have to advise your son in making the decision,
and I would suggest you help him with the decision by not doing what everyone else is doing ( or his peers),
but what is right for your family and his long term goals.

I hear you asking about doing more tennis/less schoolwork to get into a lower D1 school.
Are his long term goals to play futures/pro tour or to be a doctor?

He seems like he would be better situated at John Hopkins, MIT, etc...
( or quite a few of the academically D3 schools that top many of the D1 in academics)
if he is taking all AP classes with A's and B's.

But, make no mistake, regardless of whatever the coach promises,
his grades will be the deciding factor for admission at a highly selective academic school.
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