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To bring sanity to this very crazy world one must believe in the concept of being in the right place at the right time. My anecdote that endorses this principle started quite randomly...I needed an evening that would not yield a huge profit from my nightly enterprises and that night needed to be fairly temperate in a potentially volatile midwinter subtropical climate...i.e. a not frigid night when no big conventions were in town in the City Beautiful (Orlando, FL). That combo let me take care of a "needed service" to my community without sacrificing the old do-re-mi one must come up with to survive.

Because all these variables were met, I was able to seek out every garbage can in our City Beautiful, looking for a way to explain my futility when I encountered a gift from an anonymous, kind angel...a 3/4-full bottle of Grey Goose just asking to be taken home for a delightful evening! I had forgotten how much fun a good 80-proof French wheat vodka companion could be! All that French hoo-er asked for was a cup of ice and a bit of fruitjuice to wash her down with! A "cheap date" indeed!
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