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Today, practice was awful. The worst I had since I started playing almost 4 years ago. For about 15-20 minutes, I played with 3.0 players who had the usual strengths and weaknesses.Then, once again, I kept getting the run around from the top seeded players on my team to play with someone else.
Finally, I had the chance to play with someone a little better. However, he was a usual big hitter (Adam) and didn't have good rallies. Then, Peter (the foreigner from Czech Republic) starts playing for the first time while being looked at by coach. Typical ballbasher with a Wilson BLX with basic weapons. He can serve big, but not consistent.

The majority of the players had to leave to do other things, so it was me, coach, Peter, Adam, a girl, and three other players who are 0.0.
The plan was the coach was going to teach the three players for around 1-2 hours. Instead, I had to play with these three (wasting my time and energy although there is nothing wrong with helping out) while he did little to no coach at all. All he did was show them tips that had very little effect and eventually abandoned them and me to play doubles with Peter, Adam, and the other girl (Katie who has very moderate tendonitis on her arm). Then, while reaching for a short ball, I slipped on another ball and sprained my ankle. I actually heard it pop when it happened. Adding insult to injury, coach did not say anything regarding my injury or what happened to me.

Although it was my fault for not paying attention to the balls of the ground, this could've been completely avoided if I went and practiced with Peter, Adam, and Katie. Instead, I'm sitting here eating Raisin Bran and watching a boring match between Azarenka and Stephens...
I'm nearly done with these people.. I wanted to yell at coach, but I maintained my composure.

How long does sprained ankles usually take to heal? I was hoping to be near 100% by monday. I just took 2 tablets of Advil (out of Ibuprofen) and about to rub some Bengay on me.
When I was young, it'd take 2 days of rest and icing. Now...a month if I'm lucky.
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