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Originally Posted by PDJ View Post
Levity aside, this does strengthen the case for Evert who rarely had a bad loss in a slam (Jordan in 83 & to a lesser degree, sanchez -vicario, garrison, sukova & mcneil). This is perhaps also true of Court but i don't know her record well enough. Pc1??
The Stephens win is a stunning upset and I can only think of the Jordan result in context. I could be wrong? Bturner? Chrisevertfan?
Well the loss to Jordan was Evert's very first exit in a major before the semis (after 11 years on the tour already) and it only happened because she was sick with the flu - she had asked the Wimbledon officials for a later start (meaning the next day or so) and they refused - Jordan was a solid serve/volley player and one who occasionally gave Chrissie a bit of trouble.

The loss to Garrison was because she had a bad day - was flat and the game just wasn't there which had been happening a lot to Evert in '89 hence calling it a day on her career.

Another flat day against Sukova who incidentally is one of my candidates for the best woman to never have won a singles major.

The French loss against Sanchez-Vicario was because she had been battling a heel injury all spring of that year but still a surprise.

Stephens beating an injured Serena is a big upset but Sloane saw her opportunity and even though she had some nerves and her relative lack of experience showed a bit she found a way to win - expect more good things to come from the teenager as she gains more experience and learns how to deal with the pressure better. She's definitely getting some good lessons this Australian Open for sure.

As for those of you who have Serena ranked so highly - could you please explain why? I just can't see it. Yes she is a great player with a ton of power and the best serve ever in the women's game but talent and peak level of play plus 15 majors just isn't enough IMO. She lags far behind the other top players of all time in so many other areas it's not even close - IMO.

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