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Originally Posted by jim e View Post
Still if you have a good brake system, thats all thats needed. I have strung a great deal with just using a brake with no issues at all. It depends on your machine.

Originally Posted by COPEY View Post
Right on the mark. Jim, I think everyone understands that if you have a good brake inquiring about alternate methods is moot. If you don't have a good brake (or your machine isn't equipped with one), then find out what the alternatives are and pick the one that suites you best. Mikeler likes the 50/50, some like boomerangs, I prefer the s-hook. A simple answer to a very simple procedure.
To each his own. I'm not a big fan of 50/50 crosses, mainly because, like Jim, I have a good brake (though not the best) system. The OP never stated what machine they have, thus the jump to conclusions of alternate methods.

Originally Posted by Irvin View Post
Glide bar machines also require a starting clamp, floating clamps do not.
I respecfully disagree. Normally on a glide bar machine, the crosses are strung with one glide bar, but if you are doing a 50/50. You can used both glide bars, without using a starting clamp.* Though like COPEY said, it's moot since the NEOS and the like have a good brake system.

*-Any good stringer should have a starting clamp.
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