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Originally Posted by rk_sports View Post
Reg. that Green Plant Juice, I heard that Pasteurized Juice is not advised as part of healthy diet... what is your opinion on that matter?
To be honest, I hadn't really done much research on pasteurized juices. I had assumed that a moderate-temperature flash pasteurization is employed for many of these pasteurized juices. My thinking is that the flash process is enough to neutralize the bacteria (both bad & good) in the juice but not enough to completely compromise all of its nutrients (vitamins, minerals, fibre, flavanoids, enzymes, etc.). Perhaps I am a bit naive or overly optimistic about the effect on the nutritional content of these juices.

I do recall in the early or mid-90s, Odwalla had some serious issues with their unpasteurized juices. An fatal E. coli outbreak with some Odwalla juices resulted in a process change. They subsequently adopted a flash pasteurization process in order to deal with the E. coli issue while minimizing effects on the taste and nutritional content of their juices.

I've been buying TJs Green Plant Juice because of its convenience & superior taste as well as its perceived nutritional value. But perhaps TJs Super Green powder could be a better choice -- it is likely to have a superior nutritional profile. Note that I almost never drink the Green Plant Juice as is. I usually mix it with high-pulp OJ (Ca & vit D fortified) -- also pasteurized. I also add pre-soaked chia seeds, some Super Red Drink powder, a dash of black pepper and a splash of a low-Na V8-type juice. Sometimes I will also add some whey powder and high-ORAC (Amazing Grass) Green Superfood powder (or similar) to further boost the nutritional content of the mixture.

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