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Default Vasily Alekseyev

FYI - Famous weightlifter from the 1970s Olympics - "Worlds's Strongest Man" Vasily Alekseyev.

Maybe some of you remember this champion Russian weightlifter prominent in the Olympics in the 1970s.

Brief history

Records and comments by contempories.

Clean & Jerk Video, includes setting his 66th world record.

Alekseyev's squat training for the Olympic clean & jerk. See his comments on the squat in training.

Squat 270 Kg, body weight about 160 Kg (350 lbs).
He squatted about 1.7X body weight to train for the clean & jerk.



I once read that he would get out of breath relatively easily climbing stairs when he was a competitor but I could not just now confirm that information searching the internet.

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