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Originally Posted by Ross K View Post
It's ridiculous. I just read about the idiot ball boy being on twitter before game saying to watch out for his time-wasting antics... WTF?! Shouldn't HE be disciplined and investigated? Actually, maybe the likes of Villa or Newcastle should sign him up?

Anyhow, you do have to say big congrats are defintely due to the highly impressive Laudrup and Swansea.
Maybe they should! He could do a job for Liverpool too probably, take the load off Suarez and his diving the way he rolled around on the floor was classic. Hazard toe poked it out from underneath him and he acted like he'd taken a shotgun round to the stomach. It wasn't a one off, they were keeping the ball all game, as you said you have to give Swansea great credit and it's very much deserved, but they should take alot of criticism for the instructions they give ball kids.

As for the Tweet.. 'The king of all ball boys is back making his final appearance #needed #for #timewasting'.

What a little pr!ck
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