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Originally Posted by tkoziol View Post
I think qualified is the wrong word choice. I prefer to use the term certified in a sport that is non-certifiable

I got my low level certifications just to have the "papers" like you are talking about. I almost never get asked about my certification (except from other instructors of course). Typically I just let my results speak for themselves.

I don't think anyone is a perfect instructor. I do think that instructors should be judged by their knowledge, their methods of instruction, and the results of their students, NOT a piece of paper.
i agree with your points.
the questions to ask yourself are this though.
am i the best coach that i can be, and what can i do to improve myself

when i took my certification course, i had some of the best coaches in my country as instructors. people who developed pro players. donīt think for a moment, that you canīt learn from their experience.
i had fellow students often with years of coaching experience, and we shared stories and learned from each other as well.
after my certification i made sure to attend seminars and conferences on a regular basis to stay on top of developments. because as you pointed out, the sport is changing constantly, and we have to adapt or be left behind.

so you see, thatīs my reality. and if you declare a certification just a piece of paper, you might deprive yourself of a lot of knowledge
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