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Originally Posted by veroniquem View Post

And corrupted RedFoo!!

Hey, read my post about the whole thing in the match thread!
If she had deliberately cheated, she would have lied as well. Instead she was totally ingenuous about it. Naturally, the American media are gonna milk it for all it's worth and more until the day she dies. They did the same with Justine. They just love those heavy handed smearing campaigns. How is that not some form of intox to knock down the opposition's credibility? Not super clean tactics either if you ask me.
I understand what you are saying, but it doesn't make what Vika did right. ESPN are certainly far from upstanding, and they are hypocritical, but Vika shouldn't have given them the ammunition in the first place.

I just take issue with people saying she doesn't deserve to be in the final. She does as much as anybody. If she hadn't taken the MTO, it would have just delayed tjhe inevitable.
Originally Posted by cc0509 View Post
I sure hope Li Na wins it, what is not to like when you watch Li Na play lately. A complete game and a great personality. She has made quite a few improvements to her game under Henin's old coach and it has made a real difference so far.
You lost me here. I understand liking Li Na far more, I do so myself, because Li Na has the best personality on the WTA tour. But you might be blinded by your dislike of Azarenka if you say Li Na has a better game. To me, they're both much the same, both typical WTA ballbashers.
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