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Originally Posted by paoloraz View Post
I recently bought a mint Dunlop max 300i pro...this is the first version of the 300i (graphite injection). I was aware of the existence of her sister max 200g pro graphite injection...Not aware that also the 300i was sold in this "pro" version!!

Below some pictures of this "discovery" I want to share with the other lovers of the Dunlop IMF frames!

Hi, that is brilliant, I'm very happy that a passionate IMF racket fan such as yourself has one of these!

I'm also a huge IMF fan and have have a very large collection, and the max300i is my favourite if them all

This max300iPRO is rare. I've only ever seen 3 before. About 2 years ago, I paid for one of these, but the seller went behind my back and sold it to someone in the US. I was so upset I stopped collecting rackets for a while. I am looking for one again now, it is just about the only IMF racket that I don't have!
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