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Originally Posted by paoloraz View Post
The second generation 1986-88 200gs (graphite injections) had "pro" and "standard" versions. Never noticed any difference, except the cosmetic. The 1988-1990 first Grafil version (with hysol grafil on the side) was not available in the "pro" version (as fas as I'm concerned).

By the middle-end of the 1990 the standard version was no longer avaible, and all the 200gs had the "pro" signature.

Depending on the market, they were available in the "classic" "grafil" cosmetic (without hysol on the side), or with a dark-blue finishing or, starting from 1991, with the purple green cosmetic used by steffi graf. Except from cosmetics, this last iteration of the 200g had a longer grip and different grommets on the throat. The grafil version had leather grip, the purple green a different one. They are not lighter, softer than previous ones. They are just painted differently: within the same weight category (say, L), same gripsize (no overgrips) and unstrung, they weight the same as an 1985 200g (squared holes).
According to Dunlop (citation taken from an Italian tennis magazine of the time), the 200g pro was built using longer graphite bars and a different mix with nylon to add some points of stiffnes...never noticed this difference...

After the 1992 AO (fully dark 200g) Mac used the clssic "grafil" cosmetic of the 200g pro throughout his last year as a pro (1992). After 1992-1993, the 200g was available only with the purple green cosmetics. In senior events he used the 200g with this painting until at least 1995 (check on youtube, there's a video of an exibition sampras-mac where he used the 200g).
Just wanted to say this is a brilliant post, best I've seen about the max200G in years!

I agree completely with this info, especially the weight of the PRO being same as normal version (actually PRO versions may be slightly lighter in weight, but SL was introduced, and was quite common, and taking into account PRO rackets had longer grips, so it is difficult to measure equivalent PRO and non-pro rackets)

One thing though, are you saying Mac used the paintjob of the max200Gpro as shown above in the photo, in 1992?

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