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Originally Posted by veroniquem View Post
Azarenka could have lied, she could have pretty much said anything she wanted after the match about the MTO. I liked that she was so candid about it instead. She clearly didn't realize how harshly she would be judged for "over-emotionality". And she did sound genuinely rattled. The good thing about this is that this sucky rule may get re-evaluated because of it. The rule is sucky. Nothing to do with Azarenka personally..
Has it ever occured to you, that the garbage, that you post here, in the form of personal "beliefs" , generally accepted facts, that do not fit the context and someone else's opinions, sugarcoated with your cynical thinking, yield responses just because they are just that: garbage?

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I agree with Gilbert that a player should NEVER be allowed an MTO before the opponent's serve. I've seen it tons of times and it's just not right. You should be allowed ONLY before your own serve. That makes a lot of sense to me..

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I don't understand .....
Yes, we know that.
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