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Originally Posted by tlm View Post
Okay Jack fair enough, I just get hooked on the great spin I get with a kevlar main and poly cross. But more than that this set up plays so much more consistent than a full poly job does.

I love poly when it is fresh, but it come nowhere near kevlar when it comes to maintaining pinpoint control with its built in restricted flight even after a few hours of use. I hit a high trajectory with a lot of top spin and when the poly starts to lose some tension I have a harder time with shots going long.

And even though I know kevlar loses tension quickly it does not lose its control anywhere near as quick as poly does. I am still experimenting with different poly set ups and hoping to find one that works. Because I would like to get away from the kevlar its stiffness can be hard on the arm. But like I mentioned its unmatched control and pinpoint accuracy is addicting.

By the way what club do you play out of, I play in the suburbs out of Park Forest and Homewood.
Great thread people....what I was looking for...

My question would be: When kevlar loses its tension, does it increase in power?
My experience of kevlar is that the older it gets, the rougher and looser the actual strings get, and the spin increases. Power, I am not sure. To me poly is great on flat shots, but not as great as kevlar with spin. Could anyone concur?
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