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Originally Posted by merlinpinpin View Post
I don't think this thread is about who is "the most augmented female tennis player of all-time", tennis ability (and record) are obviously part of the equation, too.
Well...yes...which is why "Who is the female Tennis GOAT?" can have various definitions.

Physically best player ever? : Serena?
On camera? :.....Kirsten Dunst?
On paper? : ______________
Or allround?

Realistically, I think everything needs to be taken into consideration. We could almost be considered lucky to have a very shallow(or should I say easy) answer in the form of Roger Federer when it comes to men tennis (no offence and just my opinion). He arguably has the best technique which I'd agree upon and physically on paper, the records. But is he really the best when you look into it deeper? Was his competition better than Sampras or Laver? Or, to dwell in it further, who is the second best MALE tennis player of all time? Sampras, Laver etc?
Federer got the GOAT title by certain criteria. What is that criteria for womans tennis? Is it the same?

for example would it be:
- results
- physical tennis ability
- duration of dominance
- popularity?
- sportsmanship
- looks?
- being married to someone famous?
- their competition of that time?

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