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Originally Posted by Beryl View Post
But don't you know, Azarenka cheated. Stephens was blasting winners left and right until Azarenka pulled an MTO to get Sloane off her game. Vika is also doping, faked injuries, lied about said fake injuries, uses the **** egg, gave Fed mono, sabotaged Nadal's knees and is behind the Manti Te'o girlfriend hoax.
Quoted for humorous truth; all of the bandwagoners are ****ed because Azarenka did not roll over for the hype machine. That's what this boils down to, and these johnny-come-lately "fans" cannot accept that Stephens just happened to be in that semi thanks to a very lucky series of events. She's not the second coming, America's Next Hope or the answer to anything.
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