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Originally Posted by tbuggle View Post
you both understand each other. Irvin is being anal about actual tension (a fine argument, if you must based on angles etc..) whereas L4L is going with consistent, repeatable stringing,

edit: everyone knows, grommets, turns, angles, etc take away from actual tension being pulled.

Tbuggle I am going to have to respectfully disagree with you. When pulling normally at 60 lbs the tensioner and the racket pull with opposing forces to stretch the string and add tension in the string up to the point of the pulling force(s) assuming neither the tensioner, the string, or the racket breaks. When you start adding angles into the equation you add another force into the mix. Normally that force is friction at the racket, boomerrang, sharpie cap, S hook, or whatever and reduces the reference tension applied to the string. (I think) When that angle is at the tensioner gripper (or diablo) that force increases the tension on the string. Most of us have seen the picture of the Wise unit in this forum with the head twisted off that was caused by stringing a Prince racket with a break. When using a break the racket is twisted and locked with the break so the string goes through the port in the correct position. This creates a side force on the gripper. As long as the string, the racket, or the tensioner does not break many think it is ok. I think the side force plus the reference tension is the resulting force exerted on string.

EDIT: also the higher the cross in the racket the greater the angle and the higher the tension on the string. Normally (with conventional grommets) the greater the angle the greater the friction and the lower the tension.
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