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Default Wilson ncodes and kfactors

making room and budget for my racketaholism.

2x wilson kfactor 95 @ 4 1/2 grip of 2009/10 year, both 9/10, one strung @ 55 with a fresh TW leather grip. the other unstrung and no grip. i can put on a TW leather grip for an additional $8 if desired. email for pics/prices.

2x wilson ncode prostaff 6.1 95 16x18 @ 4 1/4 grip. one is @ 6/10 unstrung with blue babolat outlast/refresh overgrip one is @ 7/10 strung with Bab Pro hurricaine tour 16 @ 55lbs with wilson microdrygrip feel overgrip. $105 for BOTH, shipped. email for pics.

thanks, contact james.ys.yang at gmail. looking for exc condition head youtek prestige pro (ig or non-IG) and youtek IG prestige MP, both in 4 1/2 grips.....LTD black version preferred, much more intimidating.
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