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Originally Posted by Flash O'Groove View Post
I would add, regarding the H2H, that Nadal wouldn't lead the H2H against Djokovic, Davydenko, Federer, had the the majority of the matches been played on indoor, especially on wood...H2H is very dependent of the surfaces on which most of the matches occurs. This another grief against the H2H things. What would have been the H2H of Gonzales if he had played the majority of his matches against Rosewall or Laver: you know it: he would trail.
I think almost posters, especially if they claim to have seen Tennis from 60s would understand that H2H is surface dependent. Roger played 14 matches against Nadal on clay and lost two. He leads two surfaces, hard courts (6-5) and grass(2-1). Unfortunatley Rafa didn't go deep when Roger was in prime. Most of the people know that but they pretend that it's irrelevant. Then ONLY they can take digs at Federer stating that Rafa is stronger than Roger. You can ONLY wake up a sleeping person
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