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I agree. My Blade only started feeling light to me once I consistently involved my torso in every shot and used my offhand properly on my forehand. And to be honest, I may prefer that weight - who knows.

But my first foray back into 12oz land was really fun with this stick. I did not have any issues with the weight, and my serve seemed to move the same. I just focused on hitting the ball with my body and everything was fine. It takes a while to figure out ideal weights, so I am still messing around.

One thing is that the higher SW makes tennis easier in a way. It just ensures you will hit a ball back that is deep. With a stock blade, it takes more rotation and effort to not cough up a short ball on my backhand side if Im pulled wide. The high SW version gives me a lot more pop for my effort. I hit a pretty compact and flat backhand, and it was very easy to crack it deep even if pulled wide.

Forehand is where I question my lead placement. I have it at 12, and since the Blade is already polarized in stock form, I felt it twisting on my forehand sometimes. I also felt like the lead at 12 lent itself more towards brushing the ball, and I like to hit through it. I still was able to adjust and hit my forehand, but I am thinking lead at 3 and 9 suit me better.

Either way, I will have it set up so my SW is around 345, which I feel is pretty high, but not insane.
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