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It was great to see Li Na's performance last night. It was the first time that I watched her play this year. Some of her stinkers from last year are still fresh in my mind (esp her errorfest against Kerber where she hit about 70-80 unforced errors). The commentators last night mentioned that Carlos Rodriguez had worked with her to get a little more height on her forehand so that she would clear the net more and have fewer errors into the net. It was her forehand that impressed me the most, especially crosscourt. It really reminded me of how Djokovic had improved his forehand in 2011. She has such beautiful form and moves well across the court. And I like her aggressive ball striking. She wasn't aiming for the lines but because she is able to keep the ball out of the middle of the court with her strong backhand and now strong forehand and keep Sharapova on the run. I'm rooting for Li in the finals. I like Azarenka. I can tolerate her hooting (it's kind of melodious and is not a scream like Sharapova, Kirilenko, etc). She has lived up better as a post-slam winner than any of the other recent ones, bar Serena. I like Li better as a player on the court and a person off the court. But if Serena were playing I would be rooting for Serena to go all the way.
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