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Originally Posted by BorgCash View Post
The typical price for it here in Moscow is about $10-17.
The racquets were produced in 1989-92 as i remember.
During the production time the quality decreased, so the best were made in 1989-90.
Thanks! I strung up the racquet last night with MSV Hex (mains) and Wilson Sensation (crosses) at a really low tension of 35/40 for fear that it might collapse on me, but she held up and I think it can go even tighter. The stringbed got tighter as the crosses were applied. I also put on a white overgrip tape on top of the nice leather underneath and she looks good to go. I'm really looking forward to putting her through the paces. For a novelty item (cold war era racquet), I'd guess it could possibly fetch $30-$40 here in the US??

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