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Thanks 10-4,

I'll check it out someday, sounds good and I like the sound of the name--MURRIETTA--it just rolls off the tongue nicely like TEMECULA--saying those places is like hitting a good deep sliced forehand approach. There's a Lotus car racing specialty shop in Temecula, called Sector 111, that I buy bits and pieces for my Elise from. I'm gonna' have a little adventure drive this winter and drive my Lotus down the coast from Norcal to the desert and take it through Temecula. The back road from La Jolla to Palm Springs is a nice one. I was on the courts playing La Jolla and thought, that's odd where's that smoke and ashes coming from, is it the beach bar-b-que?--it was the beginning of the big Julien fire--I was glad to be able to make it out on the 5 the next day, went through about ten fire zones between La Jolla the Grapevine. It's been a while so my geography is hazy but I recall some great twisties that way, Julien, Ramona, Hemet, Idylwild. When I come through I'll give you a jingle. I'm over the hill, literally and figuratively, out of the Babolat in Rancho Mirage. I don't have the Lotus with me though--next time--if she let's me. aren't there some famous hot-springs down there?

Go Niners
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