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A lot of this is way over my head lol...But, for a While i was using the Kblade 98...Strung with Wilson Nat gut @ 56 lbs mains/Tec Black code @ 54 lbs cross. I had tried doing the same tension with the wilson nat gut mains and lux alu rough cross, but felt like the ball had a trampoline effect when making contact, and that same effect never happened with the black code. I used this hybrid for a few years and still like it to this day, but switched to all black code. Could you help me understand some possible reasons why i would have liked the black code hybrid more, based off of the information that you've provided previously? I currently string rackets for two different places and I string quite a bit, but still learning about the science of it i find this quite interesting. Thanks Audio or whoever can enlighten me on this.
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