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Originally Posted by PBODY99 View Post
Willingboro, NJ replaced their Omni courts a few years ago. Astro turf shoes worked to keep you upright.
I think the turf courts had about half a chance IF you groomed them every other game! I played on one that was groomed 'to exact specs' and it wasn't too bad until they showed some 'wear' from play...sand shifting, exposed turf that was grabby when dry but slick when wet, etc. Also, it seemed folks installed them over less than perfect base courts in an attempt at a 'band-aid' re-furb of inferior courts. Any inconsistency in the base surface was magnified by the addition of the turf/sand. There was a time in my tennis life that "any court is better than NO court"; but I'd rather not play than have to play on turf . Feed a lesson? no worries...practice quick volley drills? fine...actually PLAY on the thanks. I'm glad the turf courts virtually disappeared in the late '80s and '90s....kinda like stringing on a Serrano!
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