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Originally Posted by ark_28 View Post
The fact is that Murray is a more defensive player than Berdych and Novak and wind played into his hands because attacking player can not set up properly and where the ball bounces becomes a lottery Murray was able to revert to his old passive way in those conditions and it worked fair play to him for doing what he had to do, and I have no problem with a bit of wind but those conditions were crazy and not fit for professional tennis even DJokovic complained about his semi
Ark, you seem to forget that the wind hampered Murray too. In the semi against Berdych, the conditions were almost as bad as in the other semi. Murray had managed to convert a break point in the 1st set, when the wind blew his cap off! The point had to be replayed and Murray went on to lose that set. He might have gone through in straights but for thw wind!

I recall that in the 2009 IW final, Nadal blitzed Murray during a raging windstorm on court. Nobody said afterwards that Nadal had only won because of the wind though! The conditions are the same for all players and it is part of their ability to play by being able to adapt to differing conditions. Djokovic is no exception!
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