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Don't get me wrong. I am not a teen age kid to be upset that Roger Federer is not there in someone's list. I never liked his Tennis eight years ago hoping that all Tennis lovers in future will place him in the list of top ten players of all time. I respect Dan's list irrespective of whether Roger is there or not. I believe BobbyOne is here with an agenda against Roger and so I picked on that. I admit I am not being fair to Stan Wawrinka but at times you can't help being unfair.

As far as Roger Federer is concerned, if my memory serves me correct, from 2004 -2007 during his peak years he played five setters only with Agassi (US), Safin (AO), Haas (AO) and Rafa (W) and four clay losses. Three against Nadal and one against Keurten. He lost only five times in that period in majors. Even if we are to take Djokovic from 2011 onwards,. he has lost already four times and played more five setters. Roger's dominance was out of the world

Regarding SF, don't worry. Roger will mostly lose. I don't think he can grind with Murray in that slow court at age 31. And we can have posters claiming that Murray is "stronger" than Federer by the end of 2013. Peak Murray may beat a never aging peak Federer
Frankly all I want tonight is a decent match. With the other semi I am glad Djokovic won because I don't think Ferrer would stand a chance in the final.
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