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Hey Dave_D. I have one of the N98s Aussie rugby version. It's what I use at the moment and I agree it's pretty good. I have just purchased another N98 non-Rafa version (black with red zipper) from Teh Bay. Unfortunately TW only has the Rafa versions, and I suspect TW've been deleting the post I keep trying to put up with links to plain N98 jackets.

Hopefully this non-link version will remain:


Well, I've found:
- Nike non-Rafa version of the N98,
- Nike old skoolish GX warm up jumper.

The N98 is exactly the same as my Aussie rugby jumper, which I use currently. Anyone have the GX and can report back?

I also had a look at the new Adidas jacket (TW link) which I liked the style and loved the weight of (it's super light!), I disliked the colour (sadly typical for me).
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