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Originally Posted by Pbarrow View Post
I watched the demo video, looks great, thanks for the info. Did you complete the whole program? Is it too intense to do during tennis season? My plan now is to back way off of the weight lifting for summer based on my reading of periodization training but keep up the cardio and yoga.
most of it. The way it is broken up is there are three "lift days" that are total body focused workouts. Some use weights others are bodyweight only. Then there are three "heat workouts". You can definitely play tennis on those days. Two are cardio style and one heat workout is isometrics. They are good workouts but won't kill your legs for tennis. I really think you could play tennis with any of the workouts because although you get a good workout in and your heartrate up, the workouts are short enough that they won't kill you for a day, a la P90x chest and back.

There are also a number of other workouts included in addition to the "program". It really is a lot of stuff for the money. Highly recommended.
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