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Originally Posted by dlam View Post
Playing singles and I notice a few players like to warmup their volley and overheads in addition to backcourt game. Then when we play a match they play a baseline game and hardely play the volley game. Why do you need to warm that up ? I can understand if you play doubles or play serve and volley singles style but shouldn't you be warming up mostly your serves and ground strokes ?
I'm okay with it but we have limited court time and i like to get on with the match and not spend too extra time at warmup
Yes you need to allow your opponent to warm-up his volleys and OH's. That is an important aspect of the game, even if he's a baseliner, what if your shots fall short and he has to hit an approach and a volley or an OH. In a tournament you have anywhere from 5, 7 to 10 minutes to warm-up. If there's an official around they will give you a two minute warning to warm-up serves, you should take warm-up serves from the add and the deuce side.

So YES, if you don't want to tell him, but let him warm-up according to the traditional method--there's a reason for everything in tennis including the warm-up. Not following the tradition marks you as an amateur, possibly a weirdo and you won't be asked back again.

This is tennis, not the x-games.
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