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If you get a stringer, and your closest shop is over an hour away, then once you get the hang of stringing you could possibly benefit from stringing other tennis players racquets in your area, since there are none close by. So machine will pay off and you benefit as well. Check out the videos on the sticky section of these forums, as some well put together ones are there, and you can get an idea of what stringing is all about.There are videos available, help here, as well as being member of USRSA as they have a great deal of information avail.

Like others said, nat. gut can last a long time, and it does play well until it breaks, but its the durability factor with gut. It sometimes last a good while, then again, if you are not a clean hitter and shank a ball, it may not snap at the shanked shot it can later in the bag just from that shank.If you go the nat. gut way, start with a 16g. as it is a little more durable than the 17g.I string a decent amout of nat. gut for myself and others, and the durabilty factor is a factor with gut for the long term, but it does play very well until it breaks.Nat. gut has great feel, comfort and power.

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