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You may want to go to tennis recruiting and scan the commitment pages of 3 stars to see what schools they go to. A lot of 3 star kids have great grades and just use tennis as the edge to get them in to stronger academic schools. Junior year is the big push academically where kids are taking 3 or 4+ AP classes rather than the one or couple in sophomore year. So he will have more academic demands next year. To move up to a tennis level that will make a difference will take more than a few hours a week. Your player is at the age where kids give tennis the push or academics the push. He has to decide which push he wants. I'm just thinking adding a little more tennis isn't gonna make a big difference to his tennis, it takes more than that at his age/level. I'm not hearing you say you want to sacrifice the hit to academics that it takes to really improve the tennis. Generally speaking, at the two and three star level I see more players fall off of tennis junior year, where the four and five put pedal to the metal.
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