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Originally Posted by jamesblakefan#1 View Post

Next to Jelena Jankovic, excuse me, Jelena The Body Jankovic, Li Na is the hottest woman in tennis. Period. Under-rated and under-represented she's cute and has a body that powers viewers through commercials and high ticket prices.

If she was a football super bowl, she'd be the team AND the cheerleader section simultaneously. Watch the game, watch the body. Good Lord that woman is cute.

Of course, her matches are not generally shown on ESPN, the network of Suck. She beat Sharapova 2 and 2 and there's no evidence on ESPN that it happened. Same thing happened when she made the quarters in the French -- ESPN was focused on the losing players.

But I digress: This is about legs and hotness. Ever notice Li when she's putting the ball away under her shorts? You know. She wears white pantiesand sometimes the shorts are pulled up high enough those panties are clearly visible. Schwing batter, batter, schwing!

I love Li Na. Easily the best personality in tennis and a body that is winning. Good for sport. Good for you. Good for me. Schwing batter, batter, schwing!
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