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Originally Posted by West Coast Ace View Post
Great post.
Great post? Well, yes ... that is, if you consider blatant distortion of facts "great."

Originally Posted by West Coast Ace
O.J. Simpson is scum and should be in prison right now.

Originally Posted by West Coast Ace
Te'o certainly fits the profile of the rockhead athlete to be duped (at first I thought he was in on it for publicity but that now appears not to be the case) this easily.

And what does this say about the quality of the ND female population; star athlete has to have a long distance gf? I'm afraid to ask what the mortals do.
While I don't have an ND-Southern Cal dog in this fight (unlike you), still, I'll tell you what:

I'll trade goofball Manti Te'o's cell phone for Reggie Bush's Heisman Trophy and O.J.'s. Btw, do either of them still have theirs?? .....
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