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Nightfire700, my advice, worth what you paid for it, is to let him have fun and be laid back. Let the kid lead. He's very young -- his life should be about play. The most important thing is that he associates tennis with having fun; that is what will make him want to keep him up as he goes forward and perhaps has some tough times with tennis. Look at the kids in the Australian Open Juniors. I had never heard the name Thanasi Kokkinakis before this tournament, yet he just beat the #2 seed, Gianluigi Quinzi, who has been well-known on the junior circuits for some time. Quinzi appears to have given up much of his childhood to tennis. Perhaps Kokkinakis had a more child-friendly time of it, yet it doesn't seem to have hurt him as a player in the long run. Perhaps he'll have fewer injuries because he wasn't drilled so much as a youngster. In any case, best wishes for your son's future. I hope he does well AND has fun.
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