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Remember the movie "Predator"? With Arnie?
Let's transpose it to reality. First of all, nobody, not even an additional 8 guys, can carry that much ammunition.
What's the sense of the VulcanMiniGun? It eats up 1,000 rounds per minute of .223. CAR's and M's need .223 ammo. M's can be fired full auto, for maybe 3 clips max rapid loading. That's 60 rounds in a real minute.
Why have Bros carrying 9mil? It don't penetrate jungle, it's an off sized round, it has no range, and it still needs 3 rounds to down a bad guy. It's carried in everyone's pistol belt, for emergency close range ONLY.
And, none of the guns are compatible with the bad guy's 7.62x39 shorts! So you can't just use their ammo.
So Predator is picking off peeps one by one. Does it make any sense to make a log stand with a 14" combat knife, and nothing else? That was stupid.
You go into the jungle, expecting perps to use AK's. OK, get everyone on AK's or everyone on .223 using the same magazines! Don't mix guns.
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