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Originally Posted by kishnabe View Post
Federer more fun to watch than in his prime years. The defeats(non Nadal loses), struggles, and comeback wins are entertaining.
The prime years were great but there was always the tension of not knowing how things would turn out: he could easily have gotten injured, or deflated after losses like 2008 Wimby.

As a person, he's been an inspiration to me in my life. The attitude of self-belief, getting up and dusting oneself off, respect for others even in a tough competitive environment and finally for the sport, it's history, his predecessors are all very very admirable things in my book.

Sure, some people prefer more primal characters (physically and attitude-wise in terms of competitiveness) or don't care for some of the things I listed above - and that's fine; I've come to appreciate that it takes different kinds to make this world, not everyone is going to share my views and they're not wrong from their perspective. I've learned to value and respect my own likes more in the process.
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