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As you saw, there are levels to tennis. We have kids in FL. who are playing 4 hours a day and being pushed by very aggressive parents and coaches. Many will burn out, but the ones who survive will likely be the top players.

I think you as a parent have to make a choice.....a pleasant tennis experience or a top player. The more I am observing the super human training going on with today's top juniors, starting when they are 7-8 years old, I am starting to wonder if you can have both.
Yes, I agree and no denying that the super human training has to kick in if one wants to reach the top. All I am trying to figure is when should that kick in. Should it be early and forced on the kid with the risk that the kid loses interest in no time or should it be taken up gradually as the kid keeps asking for more with the risk that he will never ask for more and be happy in his comfort zone.
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