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Originally Posted by Boricua View Post
I have been using the Aeroprodrive 2013 version but need a bit more feel, less power and a bit more comfort for my mildly aching elbow. I like to drive the ball and sometimes use windshield type stroke to generate topspin. Trying to determine if I should get the tweener VCore 100 xi or the more player's racket Vcore 97 (310)

I used in the past the VCORE 97 330 version and it was too heavy for me. I also used the VCORE 100 S and it felt too light. So, maybe the VCORE 97 (310) is a mix of those two?

How does the VCore 97 (310) racket compare with the VCore 100 xi in terms of stability, power, feel and spin generation?

Is TW going to review the VCore 97 (310) racket?
I think the VCore 97 310 would be a perfect, right-in-the-middle fit for you. We are currently testing it now (look for the review in the coming weeks), and our playtesters prefer the 310 version over the 330. It's going to have a little more stability, plowthrough and feel compared to the 100 Xi, but won't have the same maneuverability and power potential.

Andy, TW
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