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Originally Posted by Relinquis View Post
That's all i wear when playing sports. The cheapest plain T-shirts on sale. Preferably with no branding/signs and if it is 100% cotton even better. None of the fancy synthetic stuff. It's tennis, not skiing. You don't need special clothing.

Well, I also wear any old novelty T-shirts or polos, but i don't really have many of those.

I see no point in buying designer sportswear, although i know some people like that. It's ok. I prefer the look/feel of a plain T-Shirt and shorts.

When you're spending more on your T-Shirts ans Shorts than you do on tennis lessons, you know you have a problem...
Since the "synthetic" stuff has become popular and widely available, I can't stand 100% cotton soaks, and the newer materials don't and it's much more comfortable. I still prefer the cheap stuff though...MTA, Target, or brand names at discount places like Kohl's etc.
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