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Originally Posted by LeeD View Post
I'm the cook in our relationship. I HATE it when g'f uses a colinder, 3 different stir spoons, a veggie spinner, several more strainers, cooking forks and spoons, different eating forks and spoons, and guess who cleans the whole menagerie up?
I use the same fork and knife to cut, to serve, and to eat with.
I also use them to strain the water/liquids, and wash AS I cook.
I spend an hour a day cleaning up after my woman invades my kitchen and uses all her various accessories that I don't deem necessary.
Waste clutter my life.
OTOH, a simple life is a lonely life.
Isn't it your gf's house though? I seem to remember you posting that. Can't make the rules if she is paying your rent
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