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Originally Posted by LeeD View Post
Conti grip works only if you have superior quickness and speed, since your topspin strokes aren't as powerful, and your passing shots don't dip as much, or spin enough to bother another volleyer.
McEnroe can beat most top level 5.5's, using his conti grip. He's like 52 years old. Given a 22 year old body, he'd be even better.
But since the grass is always la, if you chose only conti grip, you'd be doubting yourself constantly, because every other good player uses specific grips to hit each shot.
It would be tough to counter hard topspin high hopping shots with only a conti grip, since a slice is slower than a topspin ball, it creates less angle, and you only have a slice off that high bouncing ball.
You can try, but your groundies will lack pace with consistency.
And volley skills are not for every player. You need a hit and forget attitude, believing your net game will prevail in the end.
It is NOT the current winning tennis philosophy.
I doubt McEnroe would even struggle against top level 5.5 players.

The first step for a lower player moving up is fitness and consistency. Ive seen first hand on the high school and college level, the kid with ugly strokes and pushes but extremely fit beat kids with better strokes and more training.
Consistency is really the only difference between usta levels. There are 3.0's that can rip the cover off the ball but 1 in 20 wont win you a lot of matches.

I think if you can get both of these factors better, you will improve dramatically.
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