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I was using a two hander before, but with intermittent success. A one hander always felt more natural for me however my tennis coach thinks that I drive through the ball too much (too flat of a shot) and I need to be driving down with the butt of the racquet (after my take back at the beginning part of the swing) and then supinating my wrist to meet the ball on the rise for topspin. This is kind of odd to me because I've never consciously tried to something like this. I've always driven through the path of the ball while gradually turning my wrist over on the follow through. However, this swing only seems to work when the ball is about waist high or lower, the rest of the time I spray the ball or get no power behind the shot. I want to believe his method is going to work, its just a bit odd for me because I'm still trying to wrap my head around swinging up at the ball instead of out on the forehand and backhand really.
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